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Serving Those Who Served

Not just our motto, it’s our belief system. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable ambulance services to those who gave so much.

Why we do it...

We are the dedicated providers for the Veteran’s Affairs Hospitals of Southern California. We provide EMS and ambulance services throughout Southern California for all VA patients. 

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Where we serve...

Journey Ambulance utilizes our fleet of vehicles and ambulance partners to serve the following California regions

24/7 Dispatch Center

Need to request service? Got a question? We are here to help! Our 24-hour Dispatch Center is staffed around the clock.

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What Makes Us Different

Side of Ambulance

Our paint scheme says it all. We are proud to serve our veterans.


We utilize the latest technology to dispatch and track our ambulances in the field. Electronic reporting is used for patient care documentation and efficiency.


We believe in safety first. Our entire fleet of ambulances are equipped with Stryker Power-Load patient loading automations.

medical helicopter

We contract with other ambulance, van, helicopter, and EMS companies to provide a wide range of services across California.

SDVOSB logo Veteran Owned

We are proud of our veteran owned history and proudly display our certification as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) on all of our vehicles.


General FAQs

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Unfortunately, we cannot accept transportation requests directly from veterans. If you need transportation, please call your local VA and request it. If you are having an emergency, please dial 911.
Absolutely not! If the VA arranged your transportation, you will not receive a bill.
There are veterans spread out all over the map, but only a few VA facilities to serve them all. Because we can’t be everywhere at once, sometimes Journey will arrange for a contracted ambulance service to pick up our patients for us. Don’t worry, our partnered companies are dedicated to your health and safety and they’ll take great care of you. If you have any compliments, concerns, or comments, please reach out to us.
You will need to contact you local VA’s Travel Office to make changes. The Travel Office will then issue an authorization for transport to our Dispatch Center. 
No! We apologize, but we are unable to  make any stops that are not pre-authorized by the VA.

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